15. Attend a Murder Mystery Night

Merry Murder Mystery night
15 Attend a Murder Mystery Night

Attending a Murder Mystery night was the second thing we did from our 40 Things to do before Turning 40. My best friend hosted this event. When I say hosted I mean she went all out but we will get to that soon.

Finding our Murder Mystery Game and Theme:

We did some online research into our options and decided to go with an online company for the Murder Mystery called Merry Murder. It is a UK based company but had a variety of options. Once payment was made the game was emailed to us to print so there was no delivery costs or major delays.

There are so many options available on this site, it was hard to choose just one. Given the participants personalities we decided to go with an adult theme ‘Natural Porn Killers II’ where it is set at a Porn Awards night where a legendary Director is murdered. The characters were allocated to each participant with a little overview of the role so everyone could dress for their part.

I was China Rose a ‘flirtatious oriental beauty’ that also happens to be a Porn Star

The set up:

The host has a passion for entertainment and events so when it was her turn to host an event for the night she went all out. Approaching her doorway there were tall, lit bamboo torches either side of the path that had a red carpet.

Her lounge room would normally be cream in colour but, when I arrived I did not recognise it. She had material strung across the roof and down the walls in black and red. There was a main table in the centre of the room for us to all sit around as though we were at an actual major event. She had extravagant centrepieces and accompanying décor. Each chair was covered in black material with a golden sash. She made sure it was a special night.


The Game:

Guests arrived dressed according to their characters. Impressed with the Décor everyone took a seat and was handed their scripts. There was a host that’s role was to make sure the script ran smoothly. To do this the host used a colour code that was provided. For us, this was done by the chief investigator. At the start of the game, it’s the chief investigators role to explain how it all works. So, everyone was involved on our night we gave him the extra task of guiding us through it as the host. As we read through the script various hints emerged and hilarious backstories. There were also some physical clues included. (the organiser had to arrange these before the night).

The script was very well written. My character in particular was great as the way it was written forced me to have an accent so was very clever. Everyone thought I was just putting the accent on, I should not have told them it was how it was written and left them to believe I was just awesome!

The Social Aspect:

We had a couple of breaks that are written into the scripts. We used these breaks to have some food. Everyone brought a plate that had to work with the theme. There were some very creative dishes served up.  I won’t go into detail as I’ll leave that up to your imagination and I will keep it PG.

End of night:

At the end of the night a couple of us guessed the right person. I won’t spoil it for you. We ended with prizes for a long list of items but everyone got to go home with a prize.


Have you participated in a murder mystery night? Please tell me about it in comments below!!


15. Attend a Murder Mystery Night

15. Attend a Murder Mystery Night

Editor Rating

Value for Money:
Ease of Access:
Family Friendly:
Service Provided:

15. Attend a Murder Mystery Night

Year Completed:


Service Provider:

Merry Murder

Cost: (All items in $ represent AUD, All items marked £ are British pound)

Murder Mystery Game: £17.95

Ingredients for food pp: $40 (estimate)

Clues and Prizes: Depends on how extravagant you go but my friend would have spent $100’s given how much she brought. This is not necessary but she really did make the night special. I’d recommend maybe budget around $100 to cover this off however it comes down to who is your host.

Decorations and Set Up: I can’t put a price on this as it depends on the host.

For our experience, I would estimate the night costing $500 but keeping in mind someone went all in with a lot of these aspects. I think you could get away with spending about $120 for nights basics.  For 10 guests that’s $12pp.

Value for Money:

For me personally, it didn’t cost much at all, for my friend on the other hand would have been expensive. Given it can be cheaper I’d rate this experience as being worth the £17.95 plus extras.

Access / Fitness:

No fitness required

Family Friendly:

There are PG versions of this game available. If Children are participating they would need to be able to read and have a good level of attention span therefore, I would recommend teenagers and older as suitable.

Service Provided:


Merry Murders services overall met our expectations. The product was ordered and received. There were no issues. Communications have been prompt and friendly.

We were also happy with the product received.



I loved this experience and would definitely do it again. Next time I think we would start earlier to allow for longer breaks and be able to head home at a decent hour (we started late).

Equipment needed:

Access to a printer for the kit as it is emailed

Table, Chairs, location, murder mystery kit, prizes, food and drinks, outfit/costume and clues.

Skill level:

Ability to read out loud


All year



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  1. What I find intriguing is the idea of really making this into a full-on event. We used to host murder mystery parties 25 years ago (ooh… I sound old… so much for the under 40 thing where I am concerned (but I am only 45 — wahhh))… anyhow… what was I saying? Right. People didn’t wear costumes and we didn’t decorate. It really was not this exciting, but it was still fun. Also, it came out of a box. There was no internet angle to things back in those days because the internet hadn’t been invented yet. Weird to think about, isn’t it? Spooky, almost. Anyhow, I enjoyed the review, and now I kind of want to try the murder mystery party thing again. I think my sister, who is into event planning and coordination would really be good at this. I am going to tell her about it.

    • Thank you. Yes I think the set up and costumes were half the fun 🙂

      Yes I remember 18 years ago people talking about them but I never had an invite to one so I made sure it was on my list.

  2. I have never tried this kind of thing, but it sounds like a perfect option for an interesting date night. Thanks for giving me a great idea for a new adventure!

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