14. Fondue Party (Attend or Host)

The Fondue Party Idea:

Hosting a Fondue Party was the very first thing I crossed off my 40 Things to Do Before Turning 40 list. My best friend and I created this list initially together. We decided that a fondue party was not too costly and achievable in a short timeframe. It was something different and we felt the 70’s craze could have a comeback!! When we told our circle of friends about the idea, they jumped at the opportunity to join us.

Bringing the Fondue Party idea to life:

We found fondue sets in all types of places from Gumtree to our parent’s cupboards (who were at their height of entertaining in the 70’s).
During my search, I found a book on fondue parties so I bought it to see what it had to say. Well I think the 70’s dialect is a lot different to these days as a caption within the book said to start with a gay cloth. I have heard of stories relating to car keys going into a bowl at fondue parties in the 70’s, but to have a gay cloth, meant something different to what we think of these days. After a few giggles, I decided a ‘Gay Cloth’ was needed. I couldn’t find anything bright and happy, but I did find a table cloth that reminded me of 70’s home décor.

Fondue instructions from unknown book
Fondue Party – Gay Cloth directions from book – title of book unknown

We decided that each guest attending the party had to bring a fondue dish. Most guests managed to find their own fondue sets, but I managed to find some extras just in case. There are different types of pots for fondue and the best I found for mains were steel that we could use for broth type dishes. We found that the ceramic types were great for chocolate, cheeses and dips for meats. Having the spare sets come in handy as we did have a casualty with a ceramic fondue set.

The Fondue Party Menu:

We decided with 9 adult guests we could have 3 courses. 3 people on starters (Cheese), 3 people on mains (broth and/or sauces) and 3 on desserts (chocolate). I was extremely impressed with what was served up.

Fondue Food - Main course
The Mains – Fondue Night
Cheese Entrée:

We had a selection of cheese type dips with dried crackers or some bread to dip with. It was so hard to not fill ourselves on just cheese!!! Admittedly cheese is one of my weaknesses so I had to control myself.

Meat Mains:

I had no idea how the mains would work and it was the course that I was allocated. I made some dips (1 x satay and 1 x plum) so the sauces were in the fondue pots and I had cooked some bite sized chicken and beef strips to dip into the sauces. The others that were doing mains made a broth and provided a range of vegetables and meats to use to dip into the broth. The broth needed long fondue folks to go into the fondue pot. We would sit them in the pot for a few seconds to minutes and they would cook. The meat was so tender and the vegies were perfect.


This was great with different types of chocolates on offer – white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The crazy part was how much dipping items were brought. We had traditional strawberry’s through to all forms of lolly’s, fruits and biscuits. They filled a table about 6 feet long and 3 feet wide full of dipping options for the chocolate. We were in dessert heaven.

Social Aspects of a Fondue Party:

This was a very social experience. We all had so much fun preparing for the event and on the night as we tried different things. The room set up was engaging as we were set up more in the lounge room with plates and the tables in the centre that everyone could see and hear everyone else. I did miss a section in the book before the party!!! hmm no car keys in the bowl thank you!!

Fondue Games – Kiss all the Men

Comment below if you have had or been to a fondue party. What was served up? What did you like about it? Did you have a gay table cloth too? Did the girls kiss the boys?

14. Fondue Party (Attend or Host)

14.  Fondue Party (Attend or Host)

Editor Rating

Value for Money:
Ease of Access / Fitness:
Family Friendly:
Service Provided:

14. Fondue Party

Year Completed: 2013

Service Provider: N/A Private Event

Cost: $20-40 pp by the time equipment and ingredients purchased (with exception of those that went way overboard / extravagant (cough cough dessert).

Value for Money:

For us it was dependent on how we got our hands on the fondue sets and how much effort went into the food. Given how much fun we had on the night it was definitely worth it and everyone went home over full.

Access / Fitness:

No fitness required.

Family Friendly:

This would be a fun novelty to do with the family just be careful with toddlers and the flames and hot broth from the fondue sets.

Service Provided:

This was a private event however Gumtree did get a work out with finding equipment.


I loved this experience and would definitely do it again. Maybe next time have everyone dress 70’s and play some 70’s tunes.

Equipment needed:

Fondue Sets, Fondue Forks, food, candles, matches or lighter, beverages, plates, napkins, great company and a ‘gay tablecloth’.

Skill level:



All year round



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  1. I haven’t been to, hosted, nor have gone to a fondue restaurant but this looks like a super easy and fund party to throw. That book from the 70’s was hilarious. Yeah, not adding a bowl, nor kissing all the men haha

  2. This is so fun! I love fondues! We have a fondue restaurant nearby that we enjoy but I like this idea of hosting it yourself! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I have had fondue night as well. Cheese fondue with some marvelous bread and martinis! It was a date night I had with a rather handsome guy haha. It’s actually a great idea for a date 🙂

    • Oh yes it would be a good date option!! I might even do a special date night with my husband thanks for the idea

  4. Oh goodness, this brings me back about 40+ years (yeah, I’m ancient!:-D ) We use to have fondue parties for birthdays and for youth group events from church. We usually had a cheese fondue AND a chocolate fondue – of course! 😉

    • So glad I brought back fond memories 🙂 maybe you should pull the fondue sets out of hiding and give them a go again 🙂

    • Could be a theme for a house warming party ? 70’s so could even go as far as having everyone dress up

  5. I love fondue! I have not had fondue in over a year, it is about time I went to a restaurant or made some at home. My favorite is beer and cheese fondue with French bread.

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