11. Do an Escape / Riddle Room

Completed Dungeon Room

Why Do An Escape Room:

I LOVE games, so as soon as I heard about the escape room experience, I scratched an item off my original list so this could be added. In all fairness, yes, I removed an item however, due to recent medical diagnosis I found out I was never going to be able to do it. This was item 11 on my 40 things to do before turning 40.

My sister and her partner were in town and when she suggested we do an escape room. I jumped at the opportunity. Locally (I live in Canberra ACT Australia) there are 3 escape room company’s. We went through ‘the Dungeon’ room at Riddle Room in Mitchell, Canberra ACT Australia.  http://riddleroom.com.au/rooms/#thedungeon .

The Induction:

We arrive and are taken into a small theatre style room where our host went through the induction and explained how the game works. At the induction, we found out the room we were attempting (The Dungeon) was a harder room and had a 34% escape rate for a team of 4. My impression is that if everyone has not done an escape room before your odds are not in your favour. We are competitive and decided, it made the experience more of a challenge to have us work harder.

We were given 1 hour to escape from the room. I do not want to ruin the experience for you so I will not give too much away but the general idea is that you are in a room that is full of clues. Everything in the room seems to be part of a puzzle and is not always obvious. As you solve one puzzle another puzzle becomes apparent.

Pre conceived concerns:

As a team some of us were initially worried about not having much input. Don’t worry if you feel this way as the puzzles are so varied it can work to different peoples strengths. I found some things obvious to me was not for others but they found other puzzles easy that I didn’t. So to have a diverse team would be in your favour. You also have a dedicated host. The host watches you by camera and will give you hints using a computer screen. They give you hints if/when you ask for the help. It is a handy service for when you are going too far in the wrong direction or really stumped on a puzzle.

Our Experience:

We found at the start of the game we were a little on the slow side as we didn’t know what to expect. As the game progressed we got quicker.  We managed to escape with 1.28 mins left on the clock.

At the end, the host did a review with us as to how we went and compared our times to the rooms averages etc. The host was impressed with us as we have never done an escape room before and it was their hardest room – nailed it. She also confirmed the slow start and quick finish.

Our experience was fun. My sister and I are competitive but my sister is VERY competitive so it was funny to watch her ‘go all in’. She sacked her partner on a couple of the riddles which cracked me up. My husband had the final key to the lock to escape the room at 58 minutes. He stopped turned to all of us to make a long winded speech about team work and my sister was like nooooooooooooo. I thought she was going to thump him one there and take the key from his ‘cold dead hands’. I guess we were in a dungeon after all.




11. Do an Escape / Riddle Room

11. Do an Escape / Riddle Room

Editor Rating

Value for Money:
Ease of Access / Fitness:
Family Friendly:
Service Provided:

11. Escape Room - Review


Year Completed: 2017

Service Provider: Riddle Room

Cost: $35-$40 (depends on group size)

Value for Money:

 I felt the fees were on the higher side given its just one hour and in comparison to other hour long entertainment things you can do that is cheaper (i.e. movies, iplay, ice skating,   etc.) loved the experience and I am willing to pay the fees accordingly. I can also understand the high fees given you have a host with you 100% of the time and the amount of effort required to set up between groups. Also of note this is a comparable fee for all escape rooms locally.

Access / Fitness:

No fitness required as you operate out of a single room. I have given a rating of 4.5 instead of 5 in the event someone cannot stand for long periods of time as there is no seating in the room. In saying that you are doing a lot within a single room so to place a chair in the room it will take up valuable space (unless it was part of a riddle). In saying that I am sure if you needed a chair the host would help you.

Family Friendly:

children would need to be over 12 years of age to handle the puzzles and younger children may grab and move things making some riddles harder to do but if you have a family with teens then it is suitable.

Service Provided:

Services provided were great. Our host was fantastic she was friendly approachable, positive and supportive. 


I loved this experience and would definitely do it again. as a matter of fact we have lined up a few friends to go with and try different rooms. Unfortunately doing the same room more than once would not be recommended unless they make changes.

Equipment needed:

Comfy clothes and shoes are handy

Skill level:

You do need some form of intellect but I wouldn't say you must to be a genus either. if you have a group between you, you should be able to achieve and you have your host with you through the journey to help if needed.  


Any time of year. 




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