Whale Watching

Photo taken by Laura Gilbert October 2016

Why Whale Watching:

Whale Watching was number 1 on my list of 40 Things to do before turning 40. I always came across advertising but living inland, its not as easy as just deciding to do it one day.

I achieved this at age 36. My husband and I went on a road trip from Canberra to Maroochydore and back. We travelled inland on the way up and coastal on the way back. We stayed with my uncle in Maroochydore and he has a very nice yacht.

All Aboard:

So we approach the yacht and then my uncle points to a small rope ladder for us to climb aboard with. Admittedly, internally I was a little worried. I had all my camera equipment and I am hopeless when it comes to using things that are unstable as I have bad knees, back and my ankles are not stable. Luckily there was a second option for climbing aboard. This option was a small ladder. This was a lot more easy than the first option.

Photo Taken By Laura Gilbert 2015

Once on board there is a lot that is needed to be done before we can disembark. I was surprised over how much physical labour was needed with the ropes and climbing over the boat. Hubby really enjoyed that part of the experience.

The weather was perfect, we sailed up the coast in search for the majestical whales. Not long into our trip we came across a whale that was putting on a show. There was a tour group near by so we watched for a little while from a distance. At one stage the whale threw itself up into the air with its whole body exposed. Unfortunately the camera was not to ready to snap but it was great to live in the moment and take it all in and appreciate the experience.

Photo Taken Laura Gilbert October 2015

Private Viewing:

We decided to continue up the coast north away from the tour group when we came across two whales. They looked like a mum and her baby whale spending some quality splashing time together, it was our own personal show. At first it was just their tails coming out of the water. Just seeing their tails at the start was a really nice way of starting the experience, kind of like any performance you need to ease the audience in.

Photo taken by Laura Gilbert October 2016

We stayed a good distance away but I was told when my uncle races his yacht they tend to get in the way and come right up to the boats. We sat and watched them for a while and I become very snap happy until looking through the camera I started to feel unwell. I seem to suffer from seasickness in a bad way.

Photo taken Laura Gilbert October 2015

Although I am sick I leave so happy with the experience and it was so nice to have it done privately. I love a few of the photos I managed to take. I will definitely do it again if I had the opportunity.


Have you done this experience before? what was your experience like? do you have  recommended service provider? Please comment below!

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Editor Rating

Value for Money:
Ease of Access / Fitness:
Family Friendly:
Service Provided:

1. Whale Watching - Review

Year Completed: 2015

Service Provider: N/A Private Family

Cost: Free (due to Private Family Boat)

Value for Money:

For us it was free, google has told me the average cost is $50-$150AUD. Depending on how long you are out for. Personally I wouldn't spend more than $100 for the experience unless there was extras included.

Access / Fitness:

No fitness required if using the charter services however if on a private Yacht you will need the strength to stay seated at times.

Access will depend on the boat as the Yacht we travelled on had rope ladder access initially.  If access is potentially an issue I would contact the company first.

Family Friendly:

If you have a baby I would recommend not using a pram as access would be an issue. This experience can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Service Provided:

This was a private trip with Family so service was great.


I loved this experience and would definitely do it again.

Equipment needed:

Camera is handy to bring if you have one

Sunglasses, sunscreen, Hat

Skill level:



May to November




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  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I love the format of this travel article, it is so nice to be able to read about your experiences, but to also have all of the important trip-planning info laid out so clearly!

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